Chattooga County Tax Commissioner Kathy Vanpelt Brown is warning Chattooga County residents that if the legislature fails to pass a bill today that would renew the governor and legislatures added tax exemption for property owners, she may have to re-bill county residents for added property taxes this year.

The Georgia Legislature is slated to vote today on a measure that would extend the tax credit to homeowners that have homestead exemption.  Tax Commissioner Brown said that the average homeowner in Chattooga County could see an additional tax bill of anywhere from $30 -$300 depending on the value of their property should the legislature fail to pass the bill today.

Chattooga County would be facing a shortfall of close to $750,000 if the legislature does not come through with the money.  Brown told AM 1180 Chattooga County radio that she hopes the tax exemption gets funded for the 2008 tax period so she does not have to re-bill county residents, but that the outlook for the 2009 additional tax credit for homestead exemption does not look good.

Brown is urging area residents to call Representative Barbara Massey Reece and State Senator Jeff Mullis and urge them to vote for the money to fund the tax credit