The announcement that the Summerville Crime Lab would be closed due to budget cuts came one year ago this week.  At the time law enforcement and prosecutors in North Georgia expressed concern about what the crime lab closure would do to investigations.   

After a year, the closure of the Summerville Crime Lab does not seem to have caused any major problems.  The biggest problem is just the issue of transportation.   Chattooga County Sheriff John Everett told AM 1180 late last year that other than the transportation of bodies to Atlanta and the additional cost of fuel for that purpose, there has not been a big change in response time from the GBI. 

The GBI did hire additional medical examiners and coroners when they closed crime labs in Summerville, Moultrie and Columbus.  At the time of the closure announcement, GBI Spokesman John Bankhead stated that the closure would be a burden on local law enforcement in Northwest Georgia.