On November 16th, 2010 a beautiful dinner was held at CHS f or the Career/Technology/Agriculture Education Advisory Department. The meeting began with a welcome from Mr. Jim Dean, the CHS vocational director. Next an invocation was given by Assistant Principal Jeff Martin. Mr. Martin introduced himself and gave information about the school’s vocational department. After this was said, food was served. Upon finishing a delicious meal cooked by the Chattooga Young Farmers, Mr. Dean introduced the CHS teachers in charge of their specific vocational areas. Each teacher had the chance to list the accomplishments of their department and thank their supporters and those who serve on their committees. After the advisors were finished speaking, Principal of Summerville Elementary, Mr. Brian Beasley, spoke a few words and introduced the guest speaker for the night, 2004 CHS graduate and 2009 Berry College graduate Mr. John Hall.

                Many of you may be familiar with the name John Hall. In high school John was a very athletic and very popular young man. John related the events of an accident he had in high school that left him paralyzed. John told his story from the beginning when he was at gymnastics and dove head-first into something called a foam-pit and broke his neck until the present where he is a college graduate and has recently landed his first job.

John has had some very trying years. He has essentially had to re-teach himself how to do many of his normal daily activities. He stated that he has had bad times, when he felt useless and alone. He also revealed that he’s had worse times, when he felt like giving up completely. However, while in a recovery facility, he told of how his life outlook changed when he began going outside and playing sports again. He told how it wasn’t easy at first, but it began a turning point for him. John told how he had an epiphany. He knew that everyone was counting on him to come back from his accident and be the same John they knew and loved.

                Today, six years since the accident, John has made great progress. He is a Berry College graduate with a degree in Government and is a former National Champion in Impromptu Sales. He has accomplished a lot since his accident. John is an inspiration to us all.