Dalton State College will begin offering bachelor’s degree programs in English and history in the fall of 2009, with each program containing an “option” for certification in secondary education, College administrators announced today.

The University System of Georgia Board of Regents approved the establishment of these two new degree programs at its January meeting, increasing the number of four-year majors now offered by the College to twelve.

“English and history are important fields of study, and there is a high demand for capable graduates of these degree programs, both in the larger marketplace and in the field of education,” said Dr. John Schwenn, President of Dalton State.

“We are delighted that we will be able to help meet the need for graduates in these programs, and we are also excited about the fact that many students will choose to take the degree path necessary to become certified to teach those subjects in the high schools and middle schools. The establishment of a history degree should also help with our recruitment efforts to find the right scholar to fill the position of Bandy Chair in History.”

According to Dr. Patricia White, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs at the College, the Bachelor of Arts in English and Bachelor of Arts in History degrees will have two tracks.

“One option is for those who wish to pursue just the degree itself, which involves taking 40 credit hours in the major field of study plus all of the core and elective courses required for a bachelor of arts degree,” she says.

“The other option includes the secondary education component, in which students seeking teacher certification will take 36 hours of education courses, which includes student teaching and an internship, in addition to the credit hours required in the major field.

White says demand for graduates to teach in middle and high school settings is high and is expected to grow steadily over the foreseeable future.

Upper-level classes in English and history should be offered as soon as this fall, depending on demand, say administrators, while a fuller range of junior level classes will be introduced during subsequent semesters.

For more information about these new degree programs, please call the Academic Affairs Office at Dalton State at 706-272-4421.