The Georgia Department of Revenue has put in place new security measures to prevent tax fraud in Georgia. The Department has taken these actions due to the increase in fraudulent filings over the last several years.

The Department will run each return through a process to ensure that the information provided on the return is accurate. If a tax return is flagged by our process because of potential inconsistencies, the taxpayer will be asked to provide the Department with some additional information in order to process the return.

This new process will help prevent tax fraud in Georgia, said Department of Revenue Commissioner Doug MacGinnitie. Stopping fraud is a Department priority, and we will continue to take the steps necessary to protect taxpayers and taxpayer money.

The Department estimates that the new process will save the state millions of dollars, with little inconvenience to legitimate taxpayers.

`By using this new system, we will cut off a way for criminals to commit fraud against Georgia taxpayers, as well as save the State millions of dollars in revenue, said Commissioner MacGinnitie.