Still no official word from the Georgia Department of Corrections regarding the inmate riot at Hays State Prison in Pennville last Saturday afternoon.  Sheriff John Everett and Representative Barbara Massey Reece both toured the facility and talked with local prison officials on Saturday and have spoken with local media about the incident.


Representative Reece told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that the Department of Corrections had said that they would issue a press release regarding the incident at Hays Prison where around 20 inmates caused uproar on Saturday, briefly taking over a section of the prison until a SWAT team was brought in to restore order.


Reece praised the employees of Hays State Prison for their actions taken during the tense situation on Saturday.  The riot occurred shortly after noon.  Sheriff Everett stated that around 20 of the inmates that instigated the riot had been shipped out of the prison to high security facilities elsewhere in the state.

 The Georgia Department of Corrections remains silent on the incident.