Chattooga County Animal Control responded to a call on Sizemore Road on Friday afternoon after it was reported that a dog bit a child.  Animal Control Officer Jerry Hatcher went to a home and found that an eighteen month old child had been bitten in the face.  According to Chattooga County Animal Control the dog was an older black and tan dog. 

Officer Hatcher was not able to locate the dog and was returning to Summerville when a Chattooga County deputy called to inform the animal control officer that family members of the child, who owned the dog, had found the dog and disposed of the animal.  The child was taken to Rome for medical treatment, no word on the extent of the injuries to the child, but the injuries are not considered to be too serious. 

Chattooga County Animal Control Officer Aubrey Smith told AM 1180 that the dog’s remains are in possession of Chattooga County Animal Control and will be sent to Atlanta for evaluation.