Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters has set December 14th as the date for a public meeting concerning the future of the Chattooga County EMS.  The county-run ambulance service will be the topic of the meeting as the commissioner looks at ways to increase ambulance service in Chattooga County.  Commissioner Winters has requested proposals from Floyd and Redmond who are expected to present their plans at the meeting.

Some Chattooga County residents are concerned about the commissioner’s plans, and think that his mind is made up to out-source the ambulance service.  The commissioner says that is not the case, and that he is holding the meeting to get public input.  Winters said, "sometimes when an issue like this comes up people have a lot of passion – and have what they feel is the best interest of the county.  That’s why the public meeting is important."

AM 1180 did a Newsmakers Interview with Commissioner Winters about the topic that we will be re-broadcasting this week at the following times:

Tuesday at 12:45 PM

Thursday at 12:45 PM

Saturday at 10:15 AM