A former friend and co-worker of accused murder suspect Sam Parker testified in court on Tuesday that Parker told him he killed his wife. The testimony came from Ben Chaffin, a former LaFayette Police Officer who stated that Parker told him in a phone call that he had shot his wife and put her body “in a place that would be hard to find.” Chaffin said that the phone call came from Sam Parker around 4 AM on the day that Sam Parker’s wife, Theresa Parker disappeared.  Chaffin went on to testify that Parker called him back later and told Chaffin that he would kill him if he ever told anyone about the confession.  Parker was Chaffin’s supervisor at the time. Chaffin was given immunity to testify in the trial.  Chaffin had been charged in connection with the case, because he was accused of breaking into Theresa Parker’s e-mail account. Testimony continues today in Walker County Superior Court in the murder trial of Sam Parker.