On Thursday of this week, the Federal Emergency Management Agency released a two-year study showing DeKalb County as a possible high-risk area for earthquakes.

That study outlines the New Madrid Seismic Zone that includes eight states including Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee.

The study for Alabama highlights a theory that a 5.9 magnitude earthquake may possibly occur, with the epicenter falling in DeKalb County.

FEMA spokesperson Mary Margaret Walker said the study is designed to help devise plans for emergency situations related to earthquakes.

A team of scientists from across the nation worked on the study to determine what would happen if an earthquake were to occur in the area.

EMA Director Mike Leath will attend an earthquake planning meeting on December 8th and 9th in Florence, at which time they will begin taking the first steps of developing a specific plan for DeKalb County, in case such an event should actually occur.

Many DeKalb County residents well-remember the earthquake that took place on April 30th of 2003. That early-morning 4.9 magnitude quake was centered in Mentone.