For the past several weeks investigators with the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department have been on the lookout for burglars that were stealing only one item from homes, and in one area of the county. AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio learned of the thefts of flat screen televisions from Cloudland area homes over the past several weeks and talked with investigators and with Chattooga County Sheriff John Everett. Everett told AM 1180 several weeks ago that they were hoping for a break in the case.


Investigator Larry Kellett with the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Department told The Summerville News on Wednesday that he has contacted the police chief at nearby Mentone, Alabama and discovered that the criminals have been targeting homes there as well.


There are many homes at Cloudland and Mentone that are used as weekend getaways. The police chief at Mentone said that about 8 to 10 homes have been burglarized in the past several weeks in his town and the main items that was missing are flat screen televisions.


The latest burglary attempt appeared to have been on Riverhaven Drive at Cloudland where a homeowner discovered a door kicked in. Fortunately nothing was missing from the home.