An investigation into inappropriate contact between inmates and two Floyd County employees has resulted in disciplinary action against a correctional officer.  In September an investigation was launched into allegations that an inmate and a clerical worker in the Floyd County Tax Assessor’s Office had formed a relationship.  

Floyd County Prison Warden Jeff Chandler says the relationship with the clerical workers and the inmates included phone conversations, the giving of items not authorized by the Warden, deposits of money into the inmate’s account, pictures, and mail correspondence. 

Chandler says the employee resigned after the allegations were substantiated.  Then, on January the 2nd, additional information was obtained that indicated another Tax Assessor’s Office employee was engaged in the same type of activity.  That employee also resigned.  Chandler said the officer, Richard Worley, was negligent in his supervision of inmates.  Worley has been demoted, reassigned and put on one year’s probation.