Fugitive Captured After
Prison Escape

Last Edited: Friday, 27 Feb 2009, 5:49 AM EST
Created On: Friday, 27 Feb 2009, 4:55 AM EST

ATLANTA (MyFOX Atlanta) – One of Georgia’s most wanted is back behind bars Friday morning after more than four months on the run. Police caught up with the violent criminal Thursday night following his escape from a state prison back in October.

Michael Tweedell, 48, has been on the run since October after escaping from Hays State Prison.

Thursday night, fugitive task forces found what they were looking for. Ricky Myrick, Department of Corrections, said, "We’ve been working this case basically every day since October 13. Holidays, weekends, you name it."

Tweedell had been behind bars for 10 years, serving time for armed robbery before scaling two fences and razor wire with another prisoner.

The other prisoner was Johnny Mack Brown who was serving a life sentence for armed robbery and was captured in November.

After capturing Brown, Myrick said authorities focused of finding Tweedell. "Tracking down leads, working with informants, anyone that would talk to us about this individual, and that culmination of hard work came together [Thursday] night."

Myrick said Tweedell was driving a stolen car and headed to metro Atlanta. "He has ties, but they run several years back. Last time he was in this area was 10 years ago, a lot has changed. So I’m sure he was trying to reach back into his past and find somewhere to go, but I don’t think it was working out for him."

Myrick said he put up a fight; but after four months of freedom, he’s headed back to prison. "He did not want to go back; he is a dangerous guy. Going back to prison is the last thing on his mind, the last thing he wants to do."