A pregnant Ft Payne woman, died in a house fire occurring early Monday morning, while two others inside the home were injured. 

According to Ft Payne Fire Chief Steve Cunningham, 22 year old Sherry Ann McCauley, was found dead inside the home, located at 1908 Gault Avenue South.

Ft Payne Police Commissioner Ron Ogletree said McCauley was four months pregnant.

Firefighters responded to the blaze at 6:39am with the three fire engines and a rescue unit arriving to find high flames and heavy smoke coming from the structure.

Bystanders reported that McCauley was still inside the home and firefighters searched for the woman, but were unable to search the entire house due to heavy flames according to Chief Cunningham McCauley reportedly had safely gotten out of the home at one point  however, she apparently went back inside in an attempt to retrieve the family dog.

43 year old Mark Goodwin, and 17 year old Kimberly Dutton, were both taken to DeKalb Regional Medical Center, where they were treated for non life-threatening injuries.

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