An investigative report by an Atlanta journalist turned up information that Congresswoman Marjorie Greene and her husband have filed Homestead Exemption on two different homes; one in Fulton County and the other in Floyd County.

Congresswoman Greene bought a house in Rome – Floyd County when she was running for office, but still owns her residence in Fulton County.

After the report surfaced, the Fulton County Board of Assessors issued this statement:

“The property owners (the Greene’s) filed for homestead exemption in Fulton County in May of 2019 and it became effective for the 2020 tax year. Per GA law, you can only have one homestead exemption. In this case, Fulton County will consult with Floyd County to confirm and determine in which county the exemption is not valid.”

Congresswoman Greene’s office issued a statement saying the report was a “pathetic smear” when asked about the homestead exemptions.