House Democrats held a public hearing on Monday to promote educational opportunity, beginning with their legislative plans for restoring the HOPE grant for technical colleges this session.

House Democrats were joined by advocates for students and parents impacted by the changes to the HOPE grant, as well as Senator Jason Carter.  He has authored legislation to review major changes to the HOPE scholarship.

 “Democrats have always been the champions of educational opportunity,” said Representative Craig Gordon, co-sponsor of the Restore and Build HOPE Act. “We understand that the foundation of an education is the greatest predictor of economic success. This is a jobs bill, as much as an educational one. Georgians deserve the right to advance their skills, and job providers are demanding a trained workforce.”

 Representative Stacey Evans, author of the bill, highlighted the devastating effect on thousands of students impacted by losing HOPE funding due to a change in G.P.A. requirements for technical schools.

 “Georgia needs and deserves a HOPE grant that allows educational access for students and an educated workforce for business. While we are improving our career academies and our pipeline to close the skills gap, we cannot afford to lose students who need HOPE to earn a higher education that will in turn change their lives and attract good jobs to Georgia. A 2.5 G.P.A. should be the academic threshold for technical colleges, not a barrier to building a better life.” 

 More information about the House Democratic Caucus legislative package can be found at

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