The director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has filed a judicial complaint against Superior Court Judge Kristina Cook Connelly, saying she violated judicial ethics by repeatedly cursing at law enforcement officers about their handling of a drug investigation.

The complaint says Connelly was upset because she thought agents investigating illegal drug activity asked a confidential informant about her. GBI Director Vernon Keenan is reported to be filing the complaint.

GBI spokesman John Bankhead said the agency has never investigated Connelly for illegal drug activity.

Keenan’s complaint says that, in the first of three confrontations in Connelly’s chambers in February, the judge ordered a drug task fore agent to “sit your sorry ass down” and then admonished him with “vulgar and profane language.”

“Never in my years of law enforcement have I felt the need to make a complaint to the Judicial Qualifications Commission,” Keenan wrote in his complaint. “Judge Connelly’s conduct, however, must be addressed.”

It is unclear whether agents were asking questions about Connelly as part of a drug investigation.

“It is important to understand that Judge Connelly is not the target of a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) investigation,” Keenan wrote in the complaint. “It is apparent, how-ever, that Judge Connelly does not believe this as evidenced by her actions.”

The commission can reprimand a judge or call for informal sanctions if an investigation confirms judicial misconduct. It can also issue a Notice of Formal Proceedings, which is similar to an indictment. If a trial leads to a finding of inappropriate behavior, the commission can recommend censure, suspension or removal from office to the Supreme Court of Georgia, which makes the final ruling. Judge Connelly recently married and her name is now Judge Graham…however her name was still Connelly in the time the complaint was referencing. RNT