At noon on Tuesday, December 14, 2010, the Department of Corrections began the process of returning facilities on lockdown status to normal operating conditions.  Those facilities are:  Hays State Prison in Trion, Macon State Prison in Oglethorpe, Telfair State Prison in Helena and Smith State Prison in Glennville. The facilities will return to normal operating conditions in stages based on the needs of the facility.  There is no time frame set for when that will be completed.

During this process, inmates will have restricted movement, which requires them to be escorted outside of their living unit.  Inside the living units, inmates can move around freely and have access to telephones, showers and televisions.  On Tuesday, December 14th, inmates left their cells and reported to work in the kitchen and laundry areas of the facilities.  Today, there were no incidents reported as inmates went to breakfast and lunch.  There have been no incidents at any of the four facilities relating to the lockdown. 

“We have a responsibility to ensure public safety by operating safe and secure prisons,” said Assistant Commissioner Derrick Schofield.  “As with any facility lockdown, we will take a systematic approach in ensuring a safe and secure environment is maintained for staff and offenders, before resuming normal operations at those facilities,” added Schofield