Congressman Phil Gingrey released the following satement after the President’s State of the Union speach Tuesday night,

“President Obama has delivered countless promises about cutting spending, boosting the economy, and improving our health care system,” Gingrey continued. “Instead, we have witnessed a burgeoning deficit, a skyrocketing unemployment rate, and a government takeover of our health care system. The American people deserve better,” said Gingrey. 
Gingrey added, “My Republican colleagues and I have already begun to bring about initiatives that Americans have called for, like budget and spending cuts to reduce the deficit, policies for less government control and more economic stability, and meaningful health care reform.“
“I am pleased President Obama is willing to look at our ideas to bring down health care costs, including medical malpractice reform to rein in frivolous lawsuits. The Health Act, a bipartisan measure which I authored and introduced this week specifically addresses medical liability reform, in order to stop wasteful spending within our health care system and ensure better outcomes for patients,” stated Gingrey. 
Gingrey said, “I am determined to continue fighting for the American people, and hope that the President will exemplify leadership by extending a hand to Congress and by working together to generate real solutions for our nation. We will no longer stand for empty rhetoric and unwanted policies; rather we will demand to see action and cooperation in order to implement the types of reform of which this country is in dire need.”