An idea to put a county convenience center – dump site – at Gore Fire Hall was struck down by the Gore Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors last week.

The Gore Fire Department posted the following statement about the vote:

At a called meeting of the department Board of Directors last Monday night, a 5-1 vote against allowing the county to utilize department property for dumpster locations was cast. As far as the daytime staffing that was an integral part of this proposal, that also will be negated and modified a different direction. We will continue to look at different options in an effort to provide the best services available with resources at our disposal.
Fire Chief John King had floated the idea about the convenience center as a way to help keep volunteer fire-men on call at the fire department and to man the dumpsters for the county.
Chattooga County Commissioner Blake Elsberry has not give any indication that there are any other possibilities for a convenience center on the east side of Taylor’s Ridge.  The county’s convenience center in Menlo also was closed this spring.