If newly sworn-in Governor Nathan Deal has any doubts about how Georgian’s think about the Georgia DOT’s response to the winter storm, he should come talk to folks on Lookout Mountain.  AM 1180 and other media in Northwest Georgia has reported about the condition of Highway 157 on Lookout Mountain nearly six days after snow fell across the area.

AM 1180 has spoke with mountain residents who say that they continue to be stuck at home since Sunday’s snow storm.  Walker and Dade County are by-far the worse, with nearly 20 miles of Highway 157 still ice and snow covered.

Earlier this week, Governor Deal told reporters that the Georgia DOT had done a "adequate" job …now the governor is being quoted by 11 Alive in Atlanta as saying,

“Any time that you have the kind of long-term inability to move around our roadways, we should not be satisfied with that. And I don’t think anybody can say we’re satisfied. I think we have done a fairly good job under the circumstances.

“But I think our real message that we need to take away from this is, let’s learn from this. Even though it is an extraordinary event that does not occur on a very frequent basis, we should be prepared for it when it does come.”