You may remember last week when it was reported that prisoners in Georgia were planning a "sit down strike" protesting rules and conditions in Georgia State Prison.  Reports indicated that there were no major problems at any of Georgia’s prisons, but that could be because authorities found out about the plans ahead of time.

The New York Times featured an article on the "Prisoners Strike in Georgia" over the weekend.  In the article they quote a Hays State Prison inmate speaking to the newspaper reporter on a cell phone – a cell phone that is banned in Georgia state prisons.  The prisoner refused to give the newspaper his name fearing what would happen if his name was released.

The prisoner told the newspaper: "“We’re hearing in the news they’re putting it down as we’re starting a riot, so they locked all the prison down….We committed the crime, we’re here for a reason, but at the same time we’re men. We can’t be treated like animals.”

According to The New York Times, Georgia Prison officials could not be reached for comment.

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