Hays State Prison Warden Clay Tatum has confirmed that there have been no incidents of any type of violence at the prison located in Penville.  Tatum said that no inmates or prison employees have been injured nor has there been any major problems during a lock-down of the prison for the past several days.

The crack down at the prison came about after word was leaked to the press about a "strike" by inmates.  Inmates are protesting conditions in Georgia prisons and want to be paid for their work.  State Representative Barbara Massey Reece (D-Menlo) told AM 1180 that there are limited programs in place whereby prisoners can be paid for work they do for private businesses. Representative Reece said that there are many requirements for the program, called "Prison Industries Enhancement Program."

One of the complaints prisoners have had is about having to pay for medical care.  Representative Reece was the one who introduced legislation that requires Georgia prisoners to pay for their medical care under some circumstances.

Ms. Reece said that the problem with smuggled cell phones is nothing new, despite the fact that both employees and prisoners are required to go through medical detectors – still the phones find their way into the hands of prisoners.

Reports on Tuesday indicated that Hays Prison was the only prison remaining on lock-down at this time.