Highway 337 north of Menlo, commonly known as Broomtown Road, has been closed by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

According to information received by AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio, a culvert has washed out of the road in the Shinbone Valley Road area which has caused the road to sink about 8 inches. 

Chattooga County Sheriff John Everett is advising alternate routes in the area until the road can be fixed.  The state will assess the problem on Monday and hopefuly be able to make quick repairs.  Residents of Menlo and Cloudland use Highway 337 as an access to LaFayette – especially people that work at Bluebird and Roper.

For Cloudland residents it is just one more road that is closed that goes to LaFayette. Daughtery Gap Road on the mountain remains closed and has been since the September 2009 floods.  Walker County Commissioner Bebe Heiskel has said it will take around $2 Million to repair roads damaged from the flood of 2009 – money Walker County doesn’t have.

Cloudland residents that work in LaFayette will have to take Highway 157 up the mountain to Highway 136 or drive through Summerville until Highway 337 is repaired.