Catoosa County sheriff Phil Summers said the shooting of a truck driver traveling along I-75 Tuesday may have been accidental.

“We’re looking into the investigation from all angles,” Summers said today, “and it’s anticipated that the bullet came from an accidental hunting or target practice mishap.”

But the investigation is ongoing and no conclusions have been drawn, he cautioned.

Summers said the investigation will include interviewing those living in neighborhoods where the shooting oc-curred.

George F. McKeever, a truck driver from Floral City, Fla., was shot in the arm Tuesday afternoon with a bullet from a high-powered rifle. He was driving along I-75 at the time. The bullet went through the passenger’s side win-dow and struck him in the arm. The incident occurred near exit 350 on I-75 at Battlefield Parkway.

McKeever was taken to Erlanger hospital for evaluation and is expected to fully recover.

According to the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office, “At approximately 4:30 p.m. on December 29, Catoosa County 911 Center received a call from East Ridge Police Department in reference to a shooting incident that occurred in Catoosa County. Catoosa County officers met with East Ridge Police officers at the Tennessee Welcome Center on I-75 in East Ridge. Information was obtained that apparently a truck driver traveling north on I-75 was injured when a bullet shattered the passenger’s side window and struck him in the right arm.”

Rome News Tribune