CHS Calling all Junior……..Parents?
Chattooga High School needs to meet face-to-face with all parents who have junior students. As you know, every high school student in the state of GA must pass all 5parts of the Ga High School Graduation Test(GHSGT) in order to graduate. The test is rapidly approaching, and we are busily preparing our students, but we need our parents help.
CHS has prepared a study packet for every junior. This packet contains a study guide for each of the four academic areas.The packet also includes helpful test-taking tips. There is a packet available for each student, but there is one catch. We want the parent to come to CHS and pick-up the materials. We would like to be able to say that we have had a personal conversation with every junior parent concerning the GHSGT and its importance.
We are giving parents the opportunity to receive these packets the entire month of February. All you have to do is come to CHS anytime during the day(7:45am-4:00pm) and ask to see one of your child’s academic teachers. The teacher will briefly meet with you to go over the materials in the packet . If there is a particular subject area teacher you would rather meet with, the planning times are listed below:
Science teachers have planning from 7:50 until 8:47
Math teachers have planning from8:52 until 9:46
English teachers have planning from 11:44 until
Social Studies teachers have planning from 2:14 until 3:08

Chattooga Chat on Monday, February 8 at 5: 00 would be another great time for junior parents to pick -up the study materials in addition to having the packets available during the school day for the entire month of February.
We at CHS want the best for all of our students , but we need the help of our parents. We must all do our part in this journey toward high school graduation