A former jailer at the Chattooga County Jail has filed a law suit against three Chattooga County residents, including the Sheriff.

Pam Albert was the target of complaints to the Georgia Secretary of States election division during the 2008 election which ushered Sheriff Everett into office.  It was aledged that Albert was filling out absentee ballots while working for former Sheriff Ralph Kellett.  The Secretary of States elections division investigated the allegations and did not charge Ms. Albert with any wrong doing in the election.

According to The Summerville News, Albert filed an open records request with the Secretary of States office and requested information about the allegations that were made against her.  The Secretary of States office is reported to have released a letter from local real estate agent and former Republican candidate for state representative Betty Brady that accused Albert of filling out the absentee ballots.  Also in the letter, Brady identified the current Sheriff – John Everett who was running at the time as a Democrat for  office – as the person who had told Brady about the incident. 

According to The Summerville News Brady’s letter stated :

" the contact telephone number for the person who contacted me is (Everett’s cellphone) and his name is John Everett. He is an ex-Georgia State Trooper who is seeking our local sheriff’s spot."

Albert is suing Sheriff John Everett along with his brother, Tom Everett and Betty Brady for more than $600,000 combined.


Link to the Story from The Summerville News : http://thesummervillenews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2857&Itemid=1