Chattooga County School Superintendent Jimmy Lenderman told AM 1180 that the school system is reviewing plans for the new High School that will be built.  Over the course of the next several months plans will be drawn up for the new building which will constructed near the existing high school building off of Georgia Highway 114.  Lenderman said that the plans will be carefuly reviewed to provide the best building possible – and at the best price to Chattooga County taxpayers. 

 Lenderman told AM 1180 – "Every decision (about the new building) must be made just like a business decision.  Not only should we consider what would be the best way to build, but we also must consider what is the most efficient way to build."   Lenderman said that the plans that will be carried out will be done in such a way that it doesn’t disrupt what is going on at the current high school building.  Lenderman told AM 1180, "The only issue we may have is parking at the high school during the construction process."  The superintendent is working on alternate plans for parking when construction gets underway. 

Supt. Lenderman will be our guest on a Newsmakers Interview program coming up later this month on AM 1180.