Local artist continue to flourish in Chattooga County and some are wanting to get the word out about the local art community.  Atekka Abdou and Linda Espy, two local artists, spoke with AM 1180 this week about the art community and a display of Chattooga County-produced art currently on Commerce Street in Summerville.

The two local artists said that Chattooga County has a wide-variety of local artists producing all types of art work from painting and photography to hand-made jewelry, woodcarving and pottery.  Abdou, a Chattooga County resident that is the Adjunct Professor of Art Appreciation at Shorter University, said that while Chattooga County is world-famous for the folk art of Rev. Howard Finster, a lot of great local art continues to be produced in this area. 

Local artist have come together to display a juried selection of art work in the windows of some buildings located between the State Farm Insurance Agent and Morris Jewlers on Commerce Street in Summerville.  They are looking for more artist who might be interested in displaying some of their artwork in downtown Summerville.

Listen for a Newsmakers Interview coming up this morning on AM 1180 with Linda Espy and Atekka Abdou about the local art display at 8:15 AM.