National Farm-City Week, an annual event recognized with a White House proclamation, will be observed Nov. 20 to 26, ending on Thanksgiving Day. “Farmers do a lot to ensure that the food that reaches our consumers is safe. I eat the food and so does my family, so I want it to be healthy just as much as any other consumer,” said Chattooga County Farmer Wayne Hurley.  “I’m a farmer, but my farm is a business. As a businessman it’s my job to produce the highest quality food product possible for the people who will consume the food I grow. This means raising healthy animals to produce a healthy product.” 

The National Farm-City Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the connection between farmers and their urban consumers, organizes this event. In an effort to educate consumers about how their food is grown, the NFCC is using the weeklong celebration to correct some of the misconceptions consumers may have about livestock production

Contributed by Chattooga County Farm Bureau