Rev. Jerry Rutledge passed away at his home at the age of 78 on Wednesday.  Mr. Rutledge was a well-loved and well-known pastor and a former employee of the City of Summerville.

He was born and grew up in Chattooga County and he and his wife of many years, Charlotte recently celebrated 50 years in ministry at the Berryton Bible Mission Christian Center in Berryton.   Mr. Rutledge retired from the City of Summerville Street Department.

Besides his ministry as a pastor at his church in Berryton, Rev. Rutledge was also involved, often behind the scenes, in the lives of many Chattooga County residents that were in need and that struggled with addition.

State Court Judge Jon Dennis said on Wednesday, “When I was first elected, Bro. Rutledge came to me to offer his services to work with individuals who had drug and alcohol abuse problems. He was acutely aware of the drug “pandemic” that beset and still besets our community at large. He had a loving heart. A heart to help, not to condemn.”

Funeral arrangements for Rev. Rutledge will be held on Friday and Mason Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.