The Lyerly Town Council met for their regular monthly work session on Tuesday evening at the Lyerly Town Hall.  Council members were informed by Mayor Jessica Eller that there were new internal control policies being implemented at the Lyerly Town Hall.  Council members discussed among themselves if the mayor had the authority to enforce the new policies.

While there are several new policies being instituted by the mayor, the one that got the most attention from council members was a policy that would not allow council members to be in the town clerk’s office.  The mayor’s new policy states that no one can be in the clerk’s office except for the clerk or the mayor.

Council members questioned whether the policy could be enforced without the council’s approval.  Council member Josh Wyatt stated that he felt council members should have easy access to the office and Town documents.

The Town of Lyerly will hold their regular council meeting next Tuesday evening at 7 PM at the Lyerly Town Hall Conference room.