Turbulant times in Lyerly….over the past two week contention between former Mayor Jessica Eller and the town council has been in the news.  Now Eller has resigned as mayor – affective at noon on Friday.  Eller cited the council’s unwillingness to follow policy that she had instituted as well as "belittling and berating, all of which was unnecessary" – according to the resignation letter she submitted on Friday.

At issue was a policy that the mayor instituted banning town council members from the town clerk’s office.  The council contended that the mayor had no authority to institute the policy without the council’s approval.  At Tuesday’s meeting of the Lyerly Town Council the council voted to "table" the policy for further review.

Complicating issues is the fact that one of the council members that did not agree with her was her own brother, Mayor-Pro-Tem Josh Wyatt.  Wyatt and his wife, Ellen are both Lyerly Town Council members.  With Eller’s resignation Wyatt would assume the position of mayor of Lyerly.  If Wyatt steps into the position of mayor, the town will have to search for two new council members because another councilman, William Thompson resigned on Thursday.

Lyerly Town Clerk Joy Hampton told AM 1180 late Friday afternoon that Mr. Wyatt was scheduled to be in the Town Hall on Monday to review town issues.