The Town of Lyerly is serious about letting their residents know about impending serious weather situations.  That’s why they have installed a new tornado siren and today residents will hear that siren.  That’s because today, during Severe Weather Awareness Week Lyerly School will be holding their emergency weather drill.

The siren will be sounded around 9:10 AM this morning while the drill is taking place at the school.  Lyerly Town Council members heard at last night’s work session that the siren will be tested monthly on the second Tuesday of each month at 12 noon.  The siren will sound for a full 3 minutes when it is being tested.  In the case of an emergency the sire would sound in 3 minute intervals until the threat of severe weather has passed.

The Lyerly Fire Department or the Chattooga County EMS has the authority to sound the siren and it can be controled from either department’s location.