Earlier this year while working for the Town of Trion Recreation Department, Jeff Maddux was awarded  the Al Richardson Athletic Award for outstanding professional for GRPA District 5.   Now, Maddux has moved to the City of Summerville Recreation Department.

Maddux worked for the Town of Trion in different capacities over the past several years and had most recently served as Program Director for the Trion Recreation Department.

Maddux told WZQZ News earlier this week that his first priority is making sure the Summerville Recreation Department is doing everything they can to provide safe and fun opportunities for our youth.  Maddux says that one of his goals is to start girls volleyball at the Summerville Recreation Department.  Maddux said, “This fall we are offering girls volleyball for ages 9-12 for the first time. Volleyball is really exploding in this area and we want to make sure we are proactive in getting our kids the same opportunity as our surrounding Recreation agencies. ”

Maddux added, “I’m really excited to be here in Summerville and I’m fortunate to have watched a lot of these kids over the last few years. Summerville is blessed with really great people in the community that invest a lot of their personal time into developing the youth, not only into great athletes but great young men and women.”