Marvin’s Home Improvement is set to open today in the old Wal-Mart Shopping Center in Summerville.  The store plans a grand opening later, but will open for business today.  Over 1,000 job applications were accepted for 25-30 part time and full time positions at the home improvement center. Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters had approved a contract between the county government along with the Development Authority of Chattooga County, the Chattooga County Development Authority and RCG Ventures, LLC that paved the way for the business coming to Chattooga County…. literally.  Under the agreement, the county agreed to lease the parking lot in front of the old Wal-Mart building where Marvin’s is now located to use in emergency situations.  As part of the agreement the county paved the parking lot and will continue upkeep on the parking lot for the duration of the lease, which is for five years. The $20,000 yearly lease was seen as an investment according to Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters and was used as an enticement to get Marvin’s to locate the store in Summerville that they already planned to build in Georgia.  Winters said that the county’s lease expense would be offset by increased tax revenues of $40,000 per year and an additional $8,000 – $10,000 per year in ad valorem taxes paid by Marvin’s – not to mention the 25 – 30 jobs that would be created by the new store’s locating in Summerville. Some have been critical of the commissioner’s decision to enter the agreement to lease the parking lot, but Winters said he stands by his decision because the county will benefit greatly from the increased tax revenue and with the much needed addition.