Country artist Michael Lee re-releases an emotional and powerful song, Ain’t That Just Like Jesus, dedicated to the horrific tragedy that took place at the Covenant School in Nashville on March 27, 2023. This tune follows the success of his previous radio releases Keep On Livin’ and Change Is Overrated.

Written solely by Michael LeeAin’t That Just Like Jesus which is off his album Tattoos, was slated to be re-released in May; however, “this was something my team and I came together on and wanted to release now in light of the awful tragedy,” says Michael. “Music is healing. This song is all about healing. I am heartbroken by the horrific and senseless shooting. Everyone is hurting. Nashville is hurting. We, as a community, are coming together, volunteering, giving back and stepping up in need. And this is what the song is about.”

Ain’t That Just Like Jesus takes a healing approach and a way to ignite people and bring everyone together. The song is about peace, love and kindness and it starts with us. With lyrics like “a county comes together to pray for peace by candlelight,” and phrases like “There’s a stranger stepping up,” and “Loving your neighbor just comes natural,” this is a clear indication that this tune needs to be heard, especially during this trying time, not only in Tennessee, but worldwide.

Signed to Private Label Artists, Michael is donating 100% of the proceeds to the first 1,000 single orders that is received on directly to VictimsFirst and The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. A portion of each sale that is made thereafter will be donated between these two organizations. This will help the victims’ families as well as supporting the healing of those affected at the school by this tragedy.