Mulitiple wrecks have been reported around Chattooga County this afternoon due to the bad weather. 

EMA Director Eddie Henderson told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that there are many trouble spots around the county and motorists should use extreme caution this afternoon.

Wrecks have been reported throughout the county and some spots seem to be worse than others.  Taylors Ridge was closed this afternoon due to slick conditions and wrecks and Marks Hill has also seen some problems.  There have been reports of a vehicle flipped over on Northwest Congress street in Summerville.  Wrecks have also been reported on Sunset Drive and Rocky Hollow Road this afternoon.

County work crews are working to get the roads in better travel condition, but in the mean time extreme caution should be taken as motorists head home from work.

Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters is urging motorists to get to their destinations this evening and to stay at home if at all possible.  If you must be on the roads this afternoon please put a good distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.  There are a lot of spots on the roadways that have black ice.  Even if the highway looks as if it may be clear, there could be icy conditions.  Above all, use extreme caution if you must travel anywhere this afternoon or evening.