The majority of people in Georgia want to see immigration reform, but serious questions remain about the issue. 

State Senator Jeff Mullis, a Republican from Chickamauga who represents Chattooga, Walker Dade and part of Catoosa counties,  stated that a bill he co-sponsored in the State Senate would "restrict illegal immigrants into Georgia. This is about stopping illegal workers from taking Georgia jobs and stopping their financial drain on our education, health and public-safety systems.  It was written so we protect the legal residents of our state."

State Representative Barbara Massey Reece, a Democrat from Menlo who represents Chattooga and part of Floyd in the Georgia House stated over the weekend that immigration reform is important and she is working with Republicans in the House to present a bill that all Georgian’s can get behind.  But Rep. Reece said that the current legislation is being opposed by the Georgia Farm Bureau and civil rights groups.

Reece said most of her constituents in Chattooga County and Floyd County want immigration reform and she is working with Democrats and Republicans in the House to have a bill that can get wide-spread support and protect legal immigrants and industry in Georgia.