State Senator Jeff Mullis (R-Chickamauga) has Co-Sponsored Senate Resolution 20 – “Taxpayer Protection Act of 2011.” The proposed Constitutional Amendment would limit how many tax dollars the state of Georgia can spend in any given year.

“The Taxpayer Protection Act is good government. There should be some limit on how much government can spend of the taxpayer’s money. Taxpayers want to know that every dollar they send to Atlanta is only going to fund necessary functions of government. It is essential that we live within our means as a state and this measure does just that,” said Senator Jeff Mullis.

“Senator Mullis has always been a friend to the taxpayer and I appreciate his leadership on this important issue. The Taxpayer Protection Act will protect future generations of Georgians from government growing too large,” said Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, the sponsor of the Resolution.

Senate Resolution 20 would restrict the state from spending any money in excess of the previous year budget adjusted for inflation and population. Any additional revenue beyond the spending limitations would be required to go into the Rainy Day fund until it reaches a point of 15% of the previous year spending. Once the rainy day fund is at 15% additional revenue would be used to slowly phase-out the state income tax.

The Amendment was approved Wednesday by the Senate Finance Committee in a unanimous bi-partisan vote.


Sen. Jeff Mullis represents the 53rd Senate District which includes Dade, Walker, and Chattooga counties and portions of Catoosa county.