The Alabama murder-for-hire case against a Floyd County man will be put on hold for a time, while he is prosecuted in federal court in Rome on firearms charges.

Dwight Herschel Green, 54, was arrested April 15 and accused of soliciting a contract-killing for four people from Alabama and three from Georgia.

Green, a self-described former member of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang, was also accused of attempting to buy hand grenades to kill men he believed to be police informants, according to an FBI statement.

The man Green contacted about the possible slayings went to police in Cedar Bluff, according to the statement, and agents recorded a meeting in which Green allegedly asked the man about buying grenades.

That case has been dismissed without prejudice, effectively put on hold, while those audio recordings, used as evidence, can be enhanced by FBI technicians.

After the enhanced recordings are available — which could take a significant amount of time — the case is expected to be revived, according to the motion filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of Alabama.

During the interim a complaint has been filed in U.S. District Court in Rome. It states that Green is a felon, convicted of a burglary in 1973, and was in possession of at least three firearms — including a Mini-30 assault style rifle confiscated from Green’s Alabama Road home.

The search also turned up a quantity of suspected methamphetamine and a number of different bomb-making manuals.