The National Geographic Channel will be airing the third program in their series “Hard Time” about life in the Georgia Prison System, much of which deals with life at Hays Prison in Pennville.  The program description for tonight’s episode says: A war is underway between inmates and officers at Hays State Prison. In here, there are two sets of rules: the prisons policies and the convict code. This is the inmate’s home and they want it on their terms. But the administration sees it differently: when convicts are in charge, lives are at stake. HARD TIME: Episode 3 follows inmates and prison officials as they struggle to set the rules inside these walls. In here, the battlefield shifts daily, and control can give way to chaos at any time. Tonight’s episode is called “Tools of Control” and airs at 9 PM Eastern Time on the National Geographic Channel.  A re-broadcast of last week’s episode is scheduled for this afternoon at 5 PM.