Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters has hired a new animal control officer.  Felicia Walker, who has worked part time and is familiar with the Chattooga County Animal Control, has been hired to fill the position left open when former Animal Control Officer Joe Johnston resigned at the end of the year.  Also Selena Powell has been hired as a part time office assistant.

Winters said that things at Animal Control will go through some organizational challenges as a new leader begins to take over the operation.  Right now the freezer at the facility doesn’t work.  Winters said that they are looking for a freezer, perhaps one someone could donate to the facility.

There are currently around 19 dogs at the facility which is well below the capacity of 26.  Winters said that local volunteers have been good to help out at the Animal Shelter with donated food and dog beds. 

Winters plans to allow the Humane Society to come in and evaluate Chattooga County’s Animal Shelter.  According to the commissioner, this a free service offered by the Humane Society that can help the county ensure that things are running properly.