In response to growing market demand for synthetic turf and in keeping with the company’s mantra of innovation, FieldTurf ( has opened a new manufacturing facility in Calhoun.

The 455,000 square foot facility allows the world leader in sports surfacing to better focus on innovation and excellence at every step of the manufacturing process.

FieldTurf’s reputation for putting quality first is the primary reason that the company has installed more than 3000 sports fields across North America, making FieldTurf the undisputed industry leader.

"From tufting, to coating, to full QC inspections, right on to shipping and installation, the new equipment in the Calhoun plant and the additional space work together to further ensure that FieldTurf is the market leader in quality product – whether the customer is an NFL team or a high school," said Michael MacNeil, SVP Operations for FieldTurf.

The new Calhoun facility is four times the size of the previous FieldTurf plant – a facility that the company built only three years ago, but quickly outgrew as volumes continuously outpaced the company’s aggressive sales projections.

The new facility has an annual production capacity of 630,000,000 square feet of turf – enough to supply over 7,800 football fields per year.

FieldTurf CEO Joe Fields added, "The fact that we can make a major investment in a new plant and facilities when most U.S. industries are scaling back or closing facilities speaks volumes to the strength of the FieldTurf brand, the strength of the FieldTurf business and, importantly, to the strength of the FieldTurf balance sheet. We will continue to invest in business opportunities that enable us to further solidify our global market leadership position in sports surfaces."

Calhoun Times