Georgia will remain one of three states that does not allow Sunday alcohol sales after a bill was killed by Republican leaders in the Georgia Senate this week.  The bill, which was believed to be in favor of passing both the Senate and House, was expected to be signed by Governor Nathan Deal, but Republican leaders who had supported the bill began to get pressure from religious groups to drop the support.

A similar scenario happened in 2009 when Republican State Senator Jeff Mullis backed a Sunday Alcohol bill in the Senate.  Mullis who represents Chattooga, Walker, Dade and Catoosa Counties in the State Senate had co-sponsored a bill to allow Sunday sales of Alcohol but later withdrew his support after pressure from his home-district increased. 

Mullis explained that he was sponsoring the 2009 bill to allow for local control on the issue, since it – like the 2010 bill – would have allowed local areas to vote on the issue. 

Around the state the liquor and alcohol lobbyist have spent thousands of dollars backing candidates.  State Senator Mullis received money from several different alcohol lobbyist last year.  Each campaign contribution report filed last year by Senator Mullis contained at least one alcohol lobbyist contribution to Mullis’ state senate campaign.