Newly elected mayor of Lyerly – Jessica Eller proposed that the town take down the old state flag that was on display in the Lyerly City Hall.  Mayor Eller told council members "I think it is our duty to display the appropriate state flag" referring to the current Georgia State Flag that was adopted in 2003.  Previous administrations had left the old Georgia Flag which featured the Confederate Battle Flag on display at the Town Hall in Lyerly.

The current flag was adopted on May 8th of 2003 and replaced a short-lived flag that was adopted during the administration of Governor Roy Barnes.  Georgia’s current state flag does not display the Confederate Battle Flag, however it is very similar to the First National Flag of the Confederacy which is often referred to as "The Stars and Bars." 

The Lyerly Town Council agreed with Mayor Eller and plans to replace the flag at Town Hall.


Officials with the Town of Lyerly told AM 1180 today that while they will be displaying the new state flag at the town hall, they are not getting rid of the old Georgia Flag and will keep it for historical display.  The Town had been besieged by calls today from citizens requesting the old flag.