Chattooga County DFCS Director Kim Ballard-Humphrey tells WZQZ News that families the normally receive free or reduced lunch that are SNAP recipients can receive additional money of over $250 per child under the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer program.

Ms. Humphrey says some folks in our county should have received information about the benefits and we will also have some folks who will need to apply for these benefits.

Families who have children who were receiving free or reduced lunch for the 2019-2020 school year and were receiving in March 2020 should qualify to receive $256.50 per child.  If they are currently SNAP recipients, this additional allotment due to the pandemic, should automatically be added to their EBT card.

If the family does not receive SNAP and they qualify, they will need to apply for the additional benefits.

The website to apply is .

These applications will be accepted for the next 60 days.  Those applying will need the GTID number of the student(s) in which they are applying which should be able to be found on their student portal/parent portal.  If the applicant cannot locate this number, they will need to contact the school to get it.

Applicants need to ensure that the application is filled out in full before submitting as this will reduce any possible delays in getting the benefits.