The Georgia News Network’s weekly public affairs program is heard each week on WZQZ at 5:30 on Sunday mornings.  The next edition of “Georgia Focus” will feature Paradise Gardens in Pennville.

Promos for the next edition of Georgia Focus say, “Reverend Howard Finster, a self proclaimed  “Man of Visions”, was one of America’s most widely known and prolific self-taught artists. Today, his home and outdoor art exhibit known as Paradise Gardens, in Summerville, has been preserved and is open to visitors. The Paradise Garden Foundation works to preserve, maintain and showcase Paradise Garden and Tina Cox, Executive Director and Howard Pousner, board member, discuss the garden.”

GNN’s John Clark told WZQZ News that he recently came to Paradise Gardens and toured the facility and spoke with members of the Paradise Gardens Foundation.  Clark said that he enjoyed his trip to Chattooga County and described Paradise Garden as “an amazing place”.

In addition to our regular Sunday morning airing of Georgia Focus, WZQZ will also broadcast the program from Paradise Garden on Saturday morning, following the 7 AM newscast.