Governor Sonny Perdue is planning to name a replacement for indicted State Court Judge Carlton Vines, despite that fact that Vines has not been convicted the crimes he was charged with in the indictment.

Vines has been indicted for the third time by prosecutors for alledgedly tampering with absentee ballots in the 2006 election where Vines defeated Sam Finster.  Currently Judge Westbrooks is serving in Vines position and under an order from a Superior Court Judge, Chattooga County is having to pay both Vines and Westbrooks for the same job.

AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio spoke with Chris Schrimps, Governor Perdue’s press secretary on Tuesday.  He stated that the governor will be making an appointment to serve in Vines’ place in the near future.  The Governor has contacted State Senator Jeff Mullis a Republican from Chickamauga for recommendations to fill the position.  Also Governor Perdue has asked for input from two Chattooga County Democrats,  Commissioner Jason Winters and State Representative Barbara Massey Reece.

While the names of several local attorneys have been rumored to be in the running for the job there has been no official confirmation who the governor will appoint.  Should Judge Vines be found not guilty, he would resume his position on the bench and the Perdue appointed judge would cease to serve.