Governor Bob Riley was in Ft Payne on Monday to talk about the recent storm damage in DeKalb County and his plans to obtain assistance. Riley said he’s contacted President Barack Obama, asking him to declare disaster areas in DeKalb, Marshall and Jackson counties, meanwhile State EMA Director Brock Long said his office has applied for both public and individual assistance. Public Assistance helps areas to recover by providing assistance to agencies that are helping with recovery, and Individual Assistance is to help citizens in need, including recovery of damaged homes and crisis-counseling among other things. Riley says another survey of the storm-damaged areas is coming up, and it would depend on that survey as to whether or not the affected counties meet the required threshold to receive federal assistance  he went on to urge anyone with information concerning areas which have not yet been surveyed, to contact the Emergency Management Agency.

Riley pledged to do everything within his power to help the affected areas get assistance.

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